Jenny Thomas / 2004 Spring / Virginia Commonwealth University, VA

As a Photography major at VCU, I wanted not only the beauty of a Greek island but teachers who could guide me in capturing it on film. To Cameron, Len and the professionals at the HISA digital lab, my deepest gratitude for the most caring study abroad experience I can imagine. The many working field trips to Santorini, Delos, Myconos, Samos and Turkey were really inspiring, and you helped me to get to know and really understand the people, culture and history of the Aegean. All the projects we did together throughout the semester helped give me the confidence and photographic results I needed to fulfill my senior portfolio requirements, and construct my own website. I especially appreciate the fact that HISA is sensitive to the different levels of experience their photography students have, which allowed me to advance quickly from where I was before I came to Paros.


Michie Seki / 2003 Spring / from Japan

Thank you very much for my wonderful time in Paros. HISA staff and Paros community were kind and helpful even with my English level. I became very comfortable to communicate with teachers, students pretty soon. Unbelievably, I had an opportunity to performance dances in cultural center in Paros! I will never forget the experiences in Paros in the rest of my life.


Amber Nelson / 2002 Fall / Evergreen College, NW

Being in Mr. Tagrin's Creative Writing workshop (who very soon became just Barry to me) really helped me expand and improve my poetry. We worked on a consistent, weekly basis, poem by poem, very often just the two of us, until I was really able to understand how I was writing and what my subjects were. He helped me to deepen the sense and feeling of my poems and taught me how to focus on expressing the ideas and emotions that I was struggling to present well in my work. When I return home and go back to Evergreen College next semester, I'll do that with much more confidence and a far stronger hold on myself and my writing.
With eternal gratitude, Amber.