Hellenic International Studies in the Arts intensive summer program includes cultural study, photography and journalism and creative writing. Short stories, memoirs and autobiographic journals are all covered.

Special Kyoto Japan summer session


Together with its partner Athena Abroad, HISA is now offering a unique summer program in Kyoto, Japan.

Athena/HISA’s Kyoto program coordinator has almost a decade of experience in Asia, and all participants have the benefit of her innate knowledge and access to this tight-knit culture. Fully accredited classes, including Japanese Arts and Culture, Creative Writing through Japanese Literature, Digital Photography and Japanese Film Studies: 4 Directors are held on site, or in a classroom setting at the accommodation, and expose students to both the traditional and contemporary spirit of this vibrant island nation.

In addition to class time, specialized photography instruction will also take place during the excursions. Students will visit destinations such as Gikakuji (The Temple of the Golden Pavillion), the vast fox shrines of Fushimi Inari, historically rich and architecturally impressive Kiyumizu-dera, and the serene forests of Arashiyama. They will eat local cuisine and visit seasonal festivals with an eye to personal artistry and cultural history.

The June and July programs build upon each other, culminating in the Kyoto Gion Festival, a street celebration in traditional dress, with two and three story hand-wagons drawn through the streets among chants and song. Join us for an incredible guided explorations of the cultural and artistic majesty of Japan. Click here for course details and application information.