Hellenic International Studies in the Arts intensive summer program includes cultural study, photography and journalism and creative writing. Short stories, memoirs and autobiographic journals are all covered.

MID TERM BREAK: Croatia (Semester only)

To expand student’s understanding of Greek and Mediterranean history and culture, HISA has been offering unique optional mid-term teacher-led study breaks to interesting neighboring countries. After several years visiting Turkey, and given the present uncertain political climate, we are in the coming semesters shifting our attention to Croatia, a beautifully vibrant nation filled with extraordinary scenic wonders. For centuries the developing history of Greece has been intertwined with the peoples and culture of the Balkans. This experiential excursion provides students with an opportunity to discover differing cultural and historical traditions. The students will explore the museums, art and craft galleries, and fascinating landscapes, while building their own internal artistic impressions.

The required study journal, comprising personal impressions, photographic images, and written works of prose, poetry and critical essays, makes for an important and memorable keepsake. The mid-term study break fee (approximately 385 Euros) includes all transportation and accommodation, visits to major museums and sites, guided lecture tours, where appropriate.